The Cardinal Rules of Parisienne Glamour

French women are without doubt the most elegant, chic and effortlessly glamorous women to walk to this planet. Why? Well, for starters, a French woman wouldn’t want to be caught dead trying too hard to look appealing. She doesn’t cake her skin with excessive cosmetic products and layers of foundations. She doesn’t burn her hair with straightening irons, and she never layers and pairs too many fabrics to capture attention.


Her signature style is minimalist, and she flaunts the curves of her body rather than labels and trends. This is a woman who doesn’t care about hopping aboard the bandwagon of seasonal trends. For she is self-assured, bold and confident of her own signature style, which she nails with effortless charm and voguish chicness.


Shall we take a look at the cardinal rules of Parisienne chicness?

Messy Bedhead Waves

Messy and romantically tousled bedhead waves are a vital part of a French women’s charm and effortless chicness. She hardly ever bothers to run a comb through her strands, and the gloriously messy waves are often left to tumble down her shoulders, creating an uber-chic statement dripping with sensuality. To achieve this look, you can always braid your hair into several pleats before hitting the bed, and open them up right after your morning shower.



Minimalist Intentions

French women are very minimalist, and they always prefer to flaunt their skin as opposed to creating layers of fabrics. Often, they are spotted flaunting the most basic of staples, such as denim and tees, Breton stripe shirts and statement pants. The trick is to just keep it simple silly!



Moment of Masculinity

Confidence and boldness is the most striking aspect of a French femme’s charisma, and she never fears away from channelling her inner goddess with a moment of menswear. Power suits with deeply plunging V-necks, tuxedos, straight pants and chunky Gucci leather belts are their go-to staples to play the glamorous lady boss at work, and they always pull it off with such alluring sensuality.

Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Luis Vuitton have a splendidly bold range of luxurious power suits that feature a sharply structured finish, which will play up your curves instead of making you look awkward.


Button-Down Game


French girls can create over a hundred outfits with one simple white button-down, for they really know how to play up the chic elegance of a crisp white dress shirt. We see them pairing these basic button-downs with denims, statement pants, high-waisted pencil skirts, minis and even sequined maxi skirts.


Essentially Trenched

A neutral trench coat, preferably in shades of camel, tan and nude brown, is indeed one of the most indispensable and essential fashion staples owned by a French girl. It seal her style statements with effortless chicness, for she can just throw a trench coat atop her basic tees and denim jeans.

Kitten Heels

It’s hard to find a French woman who’s fond of high platform heels, for not only do they elevate the hips, but they also disrupt the natural poise and grace of a woman’s walk. French women always prefer kitten heels.



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